About us

Instrumentation is a big resource. It has possibility of help: to measure, control and log data. It is also a means of raising money/support: make better product with lowest possible rejections and with ease of production. Energy saving is very important and this also can be achieved by these techniques.

Vijayesh has clientele in Iron, Steel and Non-ferrous, Heat Treatment, Forging, Furnaces Manufacturers, Cement, Chemicals and Dyestuffs, Consultants, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Sugar, Educational and Government Institutions, Milk, Beverages & Food, Machinery, Plastic, Paper and Pulp, HVAC, Auto component manufacturers, Engine Test Beds etc

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Vijayesh Instrumentation helps you :

  • Foundry -Molten Metal Temperatures
  • Foundry and Heat Treatment-Furnace Temperatures, Thermal Mapping
  • Process Monitoring and Automation
  • Special Test Measurements
  • Calibrations
  • Spectrometer-Rare Gas Purifiers, Samplers

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