Digital Temperature Indicators and Thermocouples for Temperature Measurements in Molten Aluminium

These are used for molten aluminium metal temperature measurements in melting and holding furnaces


Note : This is used for both options below

Specifications :
Display : 3-1/2 Digit
Input : CR /AL (K),
Range : 0 - 1000 Deg. C
Accuracy : + / - 0.5 % FSD
Power Supply : 230 VAC,
Mounting : Wall
1) For quick and non continuous measurements
a) Thermocouple
TYPE K, 110 mm LONG

b) Lance Assembly
Bent Type 1500 mm Long, With Handle and 5mtr, PVC/PVC cable, Size: 3/23
2) For Continuous Measurements
a) Thermocouple
Specifications :
Type : CR/AL (K), `L' Shaped
Options of sheaths : Cast Iron, Clay Graphite (recommended)
b) Clay Graphite Sheath

Handheld - Portable Temperature Indicator

This is used for molten metal temperature measurements

Model VD-K
Specifications :
Input : CR/AL(K) type thermocouple
Range : 500 - 1750 deg C
Display : Red LED, 12 mm height, 4 digits seven segment
Algorithm : Plateau detection
Indicators : LED for operational status
Resolution : 1 deg C
Accuracy : +/- 1 deg C
Alarm : Buzzer
Ambient Temperature : 5 - 50 deg C
Power Supply : Rechargeable battery with battery charger
Use with Options :

V-Multidips type AB Pt-PtRh 13 % (multiuse).V-Tip type ABS Pt-PtRh 13 % Cardboard tube 300 mm (multiuse)

Degassing Application In Aluminium Melting

Reagent Molecular Sieve Tube

This is used in degassing in aluminum melting, atmospheric chambers, biological laboratories, welding etc where purification of Argon or any rare gas is needed. This tube removes carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and moisture.