Compensating Cables

These are cables used to connect thermocouples to the instruments

The conductors used are compatible with the characteristic of thermocouple. The advantage is that the thermocouple wire need not be connected to the instrument, and high cost of thermocouple is avoided. The signal generated by compensating cable is same upto 100 deg C as that of the specific thermocouple. So, in a sense, it compensates the error of the hot point (where temperature is measured) and the cold point (where instrument is located ).The cables are available in different configurations to suit all industrial needs.

Cables are available for J,T,E,K,S,R,B,N type thermocouples
The conductors have color coding to identify positive and negative leads, and the type of thermocouple.
Normal lengths: 100 meters.
Options: in conductor size, and conductor sheaths.
Conductor size: from 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm., single or multistrand (3/23, 7/36,14/36 )