Immersion Samplers

This is used to take samples from molten metal bath for spectroscopic and gas analysis.

Assures uniformity of samples and eliminates composition changes Sample is free
     from air and slag contamination
Dimensions : pin 20 mm long x 8 mm dia slug 33 mm dia x 8 mm thick
The sampler consists of an inert sampling cartridge. It is designed to capture and
    deoxidize the molten metal below slag. After freezing, the sample is ready for
    polishing and spectroscopic analysis.
The pin is to be used for gas analysis.
Each sample is uniformly killed by measured quantity of deoxidant.
The assembly includes an expendable cardboard tube assembly, which holds and
    protects the sample cartridge.
Options: Deoxidants: Titanium, Aluminum, Zircon and Plain
Cardboard Tube Lengths: 1200, 1000, 900, 600, 400 or 200 mm

Sample Preparation Accessories

For spectrometer samples

Holder clamping portion Step ID 35mm X Step Length 5mm to accommodate

coin type sample dia 33mm X 8 to 10mm thickness

  • Disc Polisher
  • Grinder Polisher
For Metallography

Specimen Mounting Press