Temperature Calibration System

This is used for checking thermocouples, RTDs, and such temperature sensors up to 1000 degree C against precise master sensors.

The sensors are tested in a temperature controlled portable furnace working on 230VAC. The portable system is most useful for testing purpose in factories or at actual sites as well as in calibration laboratories. Master thermocouples and mV/mA calibrators to be used with this unit are also offered.

Specifications :
Power Supply : 230 VAC, 800 W (Coil 500 W +300 W approx )
Ceramic block of dia 65 mm , height 75 mm, With Facility Holes
    a) 25 mm, b) 19 mm, c) 12 mm, d) 8 mm
    with air circulating fan, Max Temp. 1000 deg.C
Size 300(H) x 400(W) x 200(D)
Weight 7 Kg approx
Temperature controlled by
  1. PID Controller
    • Resolution Adjustable with range
    • Resolution 0.1 deg C. upto 400 deg C
    • Resolution 1 deg C. above 400 deg. C
  2. Control Relays
    • Solid State Relays suitable to furnace rating
  3. Stability of set temperature +/- 4 deg. C