Universal Calibrator

This is used for checking calibrations of many types of process control instruments.

The Calibrator is designed to suit laboratory as well as field calibrations. It is very useful for commissioning, quality assurance, routine maintenance and trouble shooting. The capabilities of functions make this instrument useful for checking calibration of any instrument which accepts inputs from all types of thermocouples and RTDs for range of - 50 to +2150 deg C. and also transmitters 0 to 20mA

Specifications :
Power Supply : Two batteries of 9V, Size PP3
Indication : 4-½ digit LCD display with Battery low,
     Over-range and Polarity Indication
Operating Temp.: 0 to 55 deg C
Effect of Temperature Change : 0.002% per deg. C ref 25 deg C
Humidity : Max 90% Rh non condensing
Battery Life : For continuous operation 6 hours- for full current output
      and 30 hours-for mV/RTD output
Storage Temperature : 0 to 70 deg C
Dimensions : 170 (H) x 90(W) x 45(D)
Weight approx : ½ Kg